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                                                                         Dato V L Kandan- Report 3, June 2015      Dato V L Kandan- Penang discussion report, 2014           

                                                                         From T Balasubramaniam (Get-together, Genting 5 May2015)              From Rachael Jones  

                                                                         Looking for Ng Fook Thiam                                                                      


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              New photos                1952-54   Paravathy Kumarasamy                                      1954-56: 60th Anniversary Lunch

                                                            1955-57   Dennis Boudville                                                   5th May Get-Together at Genting Highlands

                                                            1960-61   Lim Yoke Kim 9th Anniversary

                                                            1960-61   Lee Lam Hua's Wife

                                                            1959-60   John Daniel

                                                            1958-59   Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Ebramsah

                                                            1960-61   Peh Soon Liang    

                                                            1956-58   Vimala Mills

                                                            1952-53: Cikgu Baharuddin bin Marji (Dato'  Hj)

                                                            1954-56: Hajah Zaharah Awang

                                                            1955-57: Yap Yoon Mee

                                                            1953-55: Zainal Akbar                                                          

                                                            1958-59: Tan Tiong Liang                                                    




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