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Website for KIRKBYITES, Alumni of Malayan Teachers’ Training College Kirkby Liverpool 1951-1962


Features                                 ROYAL DECLARATION, Kirkby name lives on, Long Live Kirkby                                                                                 

                                                                Royal Launching of Kirkby Gallery                                                             updated: 6.09.2007                                   

                                                                Kirkbyites in 48th Merdeka Anniversary                                                   posted:   1.08.2007           YouTube video link   

Collection of Articles                 Articles & Photos                                                                                               posted: 11.02.2008

                                                                A trip down memory lane by Michael Shum                                              posted: 08.02.2009

                                                                Proud of Kirkby Tradition- from The Star Online                                            posted: 07.05.2012

Messages                           Searching for Mrs A Sivapathasundram                                                     posted: 16.09.2012

                                      Demise of Mr Chang Min Kee                                                                        posted: 11.08.2012

                                      Brunei tour                                                                                posted: 19.10.2011

                                      PAMKM Brunei tour                                                                                        posted: 25.08.2011

                                      Tunku Abdul Aziz, Doctor of Laws honoris causa                                     posted: 04.08.2011              

                                      Zainal Arshad’sTrip to Liverpool and Kirkby                                          posted: 26.05.2011

                                      Kirkby International College                                                                         posted: 19.05.2011

                                      Back to Kirkby Filming Tour Feb/March 2011                                       posted: 25.01.2011

                                                1959-1960 Kirkbyites 50th Anniversary Celebration                               updated: 02.01.2011     news1   news2   Chong Hong Chong’s photo link   photo            

                                                                Kirkby College Alumni Blog                                                                         posted: 21.12.2008

                                                                Kirkby College Grand Reunion Photos                                                        posted: 03.01.2009                                                                              

                                                Message from Alumni President   

History                                   Excerpts from history

                                                Nation-makers without a peer

Memory Gallery                          College Song: Golden Chersonese      YouTube video Link  

Kampong Kirkby

                                                                Kirkbyite Memories    More Memories (1952-54)      Reunited after 50 Years       more memories (1960-61)     

Reunions                                            First six Reunions-1953, 54, 55….by Dato Sidek Elamdin  

                                                                 Kirkby College Golden Anniversary: 2001

                                                                 Kirkby Reunions (1953-1955) (1954-56):        2003  

                                                                 Kirkby Reunion (1959-1961):                           2004        YouTube video Link    

                                                                 Kirkby Reunion, Perth September                 2005

                                                                 Kirkby Reunion, 12-14 July                             2006        18.09.2008       Video Highlights - YouTube link        

                                                 Kirkby Reunion,  Malacca 10-12 July           2008       11.09.2008       Group Photo    Photo Gallery 

                                                                 Kirkby Grand re-union 28 & 29 November    2008        12.01.2009       Reliving the days at Kirkby-NST Online     Down Memory Lane-Star Online   

                                                 Kirkby reunion at PJ  on  8th August              2009        24.08.2009       Details & photo link     

                                                 Kirkby Reunion, Penang  9-11 July                2010        13.08.2010       Group Photo  Photos from Lee Lam Hua  from Jim   Chong Hon Chong’ link

                                                                                                                                                                                       STAR reports: 02.07.2010   13.07.2010

                                                                K 60-61 Golden Anniversary R 15-17 June     2011         27.07.2011       Itinerary      Report with Photo Links   Star Metro News

                                                                Kirkby Reunion, P Dickson 29 June-1 July    2012         24.07.2012       Dates changed   Photo and message links    Reunion Photo

                                                                K 60-61 Reunion, Png/Langkawi 17-20 June 2013          23.06.2013       Reunion Report, Photos and Star News Report   Org Comm  New Itinerary  New List

                                                                Kirkby Reunion, Penang, 6-8 June                  2014         23.03.2014        Info from Rama, organising comm, programme   Reply slip          


Alumni List                            1951-1953        updated 01.01.2011       Ahmad bin Mohd Taib   John Variyan     Hj Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope              

1952-1954        updated 20.05.2012       Wife of Tan Sri Dato Sri Yahya Ibrahim   Regina Elizabeth Joseph   Dato’ Hj Mohd Talha bin Abd Rahman   Hjh Jumabee Che Lah @Tulip Che Lah 

1953-1955        updated 13.04.2014       Victor Vijiarangam  Dennis De Silva  Tuan Hj Abdul Rahman Tahar   Diong Ching Ing (Mrs Mariam Othman)

1954-1956        updated 25.03.2014       Goh Poh Leng   Michael Law Nai Choong   Choy Yoon Choon  Tunku Aziz  Zainal Arshad-Silk road Trip  Hajah Jameah bte Hj Abdul Majid Teoh Phaik Choo

                                                                1955-1957        updated 30.10.2008       Nadarajah Arumugam Pillai    Joan Marie Wong    Mohamed Noor Wazir        

                                                                1956-1958        updated 27.10.2008       Prof Stephen H C Chee     Ahmad Termizi b. Mat Nor


1958-1959        updated 20.10.2009     Jasmin bt  Abu Hassan   M Ramiah         

1959-1960        updated 26.03.2013      Edward Prasagam   Cheah Phee Chye & Poh Geok’s e-mail address   Ajeet Singh’s address   Tan Vin Quen’s address   article by Bella Ho  Ng Sau Nam     

1960-1961        updated 23.12.2013      Yok Bee’s address   N Raju   Cheah Phee Chye & Poh Geok’s e-mail address  Zainal Abidin Zulcifly’s address  Thean Lye’s e-address  Teresa Voon      

1962                 updated 19.09.2008       Alumni List

Others and Associates  

In Memoriam updated: 13.04.2014    Victor Vijiarangam  Nadarajah Arumugam Pillai   Goh Poh Leng  Ahmad bin Mohd Taib   Jasmin bt Abu Hassan   Raymond Jude Nair  Edward Prasagam 

                                                                N Raju  Susan Lim's Husband  Sakuntella M  Chin Peng Fee   Maureen Seet’s Father   Wife of Tan Sri Yahya Ibrahim  Lim Yoke Kim 6th Anniversary 

                                                                Dr Azhar  bin Mohd Simin  Normah’s Husband  V Ravindran   Maureen Khoo’s Husband  Sivagnanam  A Nagarajah 


Get-Togethers ( to 2005)

Get-togethers (2006-07)   last posting: 06.01.2008  

Get-togethers (2008)         last posting: 04.11.2008          Mimi & Jim, Ipoh & Melbourne  Perfect spring day with Edelweiss  Kirkbyites visit Singapore      

Get-togethers (2009)         last posting: 08.09.2009         at SSC Singapore  Kirkbyites vist Melbourne, Sydney  Lam Hua in Adelaide   Cynthia in London  

Get-togethers (2010)         last posting: 07.12.2010         Doreen Khoo in Singapore  KL Fund raising                     

Get-togethers (2011)         last posting: 11.11.2011         Jee Hor & Gim Foong in Melbourne  Maria & Joe- Perth   Tea at Joanne’s   Eidelweiss-S’pore  lunch & tea in KL PJ June 2011

Get-togethers (2012)         last posting: 18.09.2012         Lunch for Angeline in Melbourne   Visiting Ramli & Reunion with Raju   21 July in Penang   5 & 7 March Visitors in KL  Mahaya, Wong Heng & Josephine in PJ   

Get-togethers (2013)         last posting: 14.12.2013         Yok Bee & Nellie in Adelaide   Yok Bee, Ah Bee & Aru, Angeline Chang, Angeline Ong in Melbourne     Ah Bee and Aru- Golden Anniversary in Melbourne 

                                                                                                Visit to Nellie & Joe in Perth   Get-together lunch in PJ   Lunch for Shaari   Angeline and Peng Yoon in Melbourne  Lunch at Shabu-Shabu   Edelweiss visits Canberra

Get-togethers (2014)      last posting: 25.03.2014       Lunch at Shogun with Joe & Nellie   Yuen Chew et al visit KL PJ S'ban


Image Gallery- Family news, contributions, Sporting & Adventure Activities, & Others     David Tan Breaks Down Wall of Silence    posted:  09.12.2008

Old features & Messages

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