Greeting to all. Selamat Menyambut Ulang Tahun Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia


With the 50th anniversary nearing and the country reeling for a big celebration, I guess the least I could do is to delve into my collections of photos, do the necessary editing etc and put them on the mail for colleagues to see and maybe dream back of the days when we were at Kampong Kirkby. The Kirkby website has been active with Kirkbyites, plus additional membership from offspring and student of Kirkbyite. Please accept this ‘postcards’ from the past from alumni of 1956-58. I arrived at Euston Station on 23 August 1956. It was my birthday then. Next month it will be another great day. Almost seven decades have passed by yet things remain fresh of Kampong Kirkby.

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The gate next to the student hall, celebrating 31/08/1957. I guessed it must have been built by students of the Woodwork option. Wouldn’t it be great to know if the builders are still around! We have a good background view of the halls of residence too.

Our (Mini) flags on poles decorating the lane between Block Eleven and the Lecturers’ residence on the occasion of Merdeka.

Mr Walker, Albert and a Staff Member on Christmas Day Celebration in the Hall. Appreciate if someone can identify the lady.

Our tutorial group photo with Dr Fielding and Wife at his residence. This happened when you asked someone to take your photo. Me - standing in the last row on the left. Another member next to me had the same fate. I will post my photo later or see my blog.

Another photo taken rightly of course this time. These are friends who gained much from friendship of Dr Fielding and his charming wife, not only as a fatherly figure but also as an English lecturer.. 


Yes we had colored photos too but all were taken on slides. These five will be a beginning till I manage to update/edit others. Hopefully we will see other collections too.

Regards from,


Zainal Abidin Mohamed 

(now residing at Alor Star Kedah Malaysia )