Extract of e-mail Messages from 1. Ramakrishnan P and

2. Mimi Foo and Lee Chong Lay:


Yong Ah Kau passed away on Sunday morning, 6 February 2005, at Subang Jaya Hospital, Kuala Lumpur and his funeral was on Tuesday 8 February 2005 at Batu Pahat.


I had not met Ah Kau since Kirkby days. And it was such a joy to see him in June last year. I remember him as a quiet sort of a person in Kirkby not the jocular noisy type. He was polite and well behaved. Perhaps others may remember him more intimately and may want to share their memories of him.


Ah Kau had 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. All are married and he was grandfather to 8 grandchildren 6 boys and 2 girls. Im told that he died a happy man.


Those of you who may wish to convey your sympathies may do so via email: spenceryong@yahoo.com or write to: 2 Jalan Dedap, Taman Perdana, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor. Tel: 07 4315266. His particulars can be found together with his photograph on page 20 of the Penang Reunion Souvenir Magazine.



e-mail received from Mimi and Jim; 11.2.2005


Dear Kuan Yau,

My name is Mimi Foo and I was with your Dad in Kirkby (1959 -1960).  My
husband Lee Chong Lay was also in Kirkby with us but he was our senior.
Both of us remember your Dad very well and we count ourselves fortunate to
have met him on two occasions since leaving College in 1961.  We met at the
KL Kirkby Renion in 2001 and also at the Penang Kirkby Reunion in 2004.  On
both occasions  we re-established contact again after so many years and had
the chance to chat.  Following that we corresponded via emails.

It was a shock to hear of your Dad's passing.  He looked so well when we met
in Penang.  Who is to know that 7 months after that he would be called Home?
It makes us realize how fragile life is.

My husband and I would like to convey our deepest sympathies to your family
and apologise that we couldn't attend his funeral nor the memorial service
as we live in Sydney. Take consolation in knowing that your Dad didn't
suffer too long and he is now free of pain and safe in the arms of the Lord.

With warm regards,
Mimi Foo & Lee Chong Lay