The Guides Club and Foxlease Training Camp


Among the many clubs in the College was the Guides Club under the charge of Miss R Bethel. We had meetings and discussions of being Guiders as some of us upon return to our mother country might become teachers-in-charge of the Girl Guides movement in the schools. Occasionally we had talks given by guest speakers like Miss Lockwood Bruce, our Divisional Commissioner.


Having been a Brownie in the Primary School and a Girl Guide in the Secondary School,

it was a natural choice for me to join the club.


The club was larger in 1960 as there were members from the batches of 1959/60 and 1960/61.




But in 1961 after the seniors left the club was almost halved. We were the last batch of students (referred to as the babies of the College) to have our training in England.




Sitting from left:     Zawiyah Othman,  Lau/Low Sau San (Secretary),

                                Aminah bt Md. Noor ( President),  Miss R Bethel (Advisor),

                                Nellie Ong Suan See (Treasurer), Hamsiah Abdul Hamid        

Standing from left:  Poon Marn Ching, Jemala Verny, Rokiah Yusof, Cheah Bee Lin,

                                Er Lena Lara, Ho Soo See, Khor Kim Ean, Mary Siow,  Kok Chui Han

                               (Thanks to Mary and Aminah for helping me to recall some names)


In May 1961 a number of us including Mary Siow, Poon Marn Ching, Ho Soo See, Cheah Bee Lin and myself attended a short course at the Foxlease Training Camp. We travelled to Foxlease, situated near Lyndhurst, Hampshire in the south western part of England.


Foxlease is a training and activity centre of Girlguiding in the United Kingdom and has its training history dating back to the twenties.


Our course consisted of knowing the history of guiding, organising activities in meetings,

setting up of  tents and gadgets, etc in camps. We were in the company of other guiders from Australia, Canada, America, New Zealand  and England. We did some tracking in the forest. Sometimes after our meetings we had tea in the gardens.




                                                From left:  Mary, Soo See,  Sau San and Marn Ching





                              From left:  Soo See, Bee Lin and Sau San with guiders from other countries 






It was a beneficial, interesting and enjoyable experience in Guiders Training for all of us who had the opportunity to be there.



Lau Sau San alias Low Sau San