Hi Kirkbyites,                          e-mail from Tess

Here are some photos taken at the Armada gathering on
2 June.  There were 81 of us and you can imagine how
much laughter, chatter and noise we generated from
7.00 - 11.30 pm.  Thanks to Tess for negotiating a
good price for all of us. She, Vimala and other
Kirkbyites managed to get such a big number to attend.


Photo1      Photo2      Photo3      Photo4      Photo5      Photo6
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Hope you can recognise the faces.  The gentleman in
the red batik shirt is Cikgu Baharuddin.  The charming
lady who many of you may not recognise is his wife.
The others are, well, all Kirkbyites in their glorious
gray hair (some only) and glasses.
There will be no email from me for the whole of next
week as I will be away at the Mulu Caves in Sarawak
and at the Kinabalu Park. I need a break and this is
the best for outdoor activities.
Mary, will you please send the group photos taken with
Cikgu Baharuddin and wife seated on the stage?  My
photos of this group did not turn out well.




Yoke Kim