Dear Friends,
These pictures were taken during lunch at the Cititel Penang during Angeline
Loh's visit on Friday,July 22.
There were only 11 of us as some of the usual 'kaki' were not free to join
us.Nevertheless , we had a marvellous time catching up with each other over a
sumptous lunch. We were there for more than 2 hours after which we adjourned
at 'chez moi' for more yarning.As usual, we were all reluctant to part  with
each other.
Angeline was not free the next day (Saturday) as she had to attend her
nephew's wedding at the Equatorial Hotel where she was staying.
As she was scheduled to leave for KL on Sunday, Phee Chye & Poh Geok not only
gallantly offered to bring Angeline to the airport but also treated her, as
well as yrs.truly, to a delicious Nyonya/Thai lunch on the way .
With still  an hour to spare before Angeline's flight, Phee Chye/Poh Geok
brought us to have a quick look at the newly renovated Bayan Lepas Sunshine
Plaza. All too soon it was time to bid Angeline 'Bon voyage' until we meet
again at the 2006 Reunion.
Yes, it is indeed amazing how strong our Kirkby bond still is. Thanks to
people like Phee Chye, Poh Geok , Leo Turner, Ah Bee, Poh Yuk, Rama, Liew Sim,
Teong Kooi, Liew Sim & a few others who unfortunately couldn't join us that
Guess, I'd better call a halt here as it's way past midnight. Ciao.