Dear Kirkbyites,
It's got to be "Kirkby magic"!  How else would 64 Kirkbyites (including some
of their spouses) merrily troop in for Lunch / High Tea with Sau San and her husband, Prof.
Lee Sing from Melbourne, Cikgu & Mrs Baharuddin at Cititel Mid Valley KL on 24th July
Apart from the hugs, handshakes, the touching 'long time, no see' greetings (for
those who met for the first time after more than 40 years), the incessant chatter and
laughter, camera clicking sessions, foodies and goodies and fun, there was a beehive of
fund-raising activities as well.  Stacks of books of evergreen tales retold by prolific
writer Tan Ling Suan were on sale at a giveaway price of RM5. 
 Within minutes, they were all snapped up!
  These proceeds plus those from the sale of VCDs and DVDs burnt by ideapreneur Jim
 Lee Chong Lay as well as an undisclosed sum donated by Sau San and Sing sent our 
'06 Reunion Contingency Fund to the RM3,000 mark. 
 Well done, all ye movers and shakers of Kirkby fame!
Sau San was kept ever so busy saying "hello" to one and all that one wonders if
she ate enough.  She also had to run hither and thither in order to be captured by the many
shutterbugs.  Her supportive husband was also one of the lensmen.  Our popular organisers of
'06 Reunion, Cheah Phee Eng and Su Jee Hor, took to the mike readily (Incidentally, I
had a tough time negotiating for free use of the PA System with Cititel!) to touch briefly
on the '06 Reunion which promises to be a CHILLER and a THRILLER over MOUNTAIN (Cameron
Highlands), LAND (Ipoh) and SEA (Pulau Pangkor) at an unbeatable price of RM300.  More
details from them later!  They will be sending out commitment forms via e-mail and snail
mail later.  Looks like the number attending '06 Reunion could exceed all expectations. 
However, this DYNAMIC DUO are well-prepared and well-equipped!  Their track 
record not only shows their competence in organising events but also their ability to "ooze 
charm from every pore".  They will have all attendees in stitches effortlessly even 
with no consumption of Chardonay.  And if you want to be entertained beyond the 
ordinary, they can (especially with Fook Wah around), come up with inimitable 
and incredible ideas.  Ask those who went to Langkawi with them during the Penang 
Kirkby Reunion for their testimonies.  Ask Roz, Soo Itt or Maggie Yeoh for example!!
It was also announced that regular China sojourner Tam Kam Moon will be organising 
a trip to Guilin, China in October exclusively for Kirkbyites - an 8-day package tour 
for RM2,000. 
Looks like our indefatigable Kirkby retirees are even more active now than during
pre-retirement days.
Joseph John (whom many of my batch have not seen since we left Kirkby) brother of the late
Lawrence John Pillai (always fondly remembered for organising the BIG KIRKBY REUNION
at the Concorde Hotel) requested that we observe a one minute silence for our dearly departed 
but never fogotten Kirkbyites.  It was indeed a solemn minute as we recall all that our 
dear departed friends had meant to us.
Our ever caring Kang Hai, brought his homemade "Best in Malaysia" chendol once
again.  Thank you so much Kang Hai, you are such a dear!  Tech savvy Prof. Lee Sing
brought his laptop along and gave a demo on how to log-on to the Kirkby website 
he created ie.
The waiters could not even count the number of ubiquitous Kirkbyites as there was so much
movement.  However, our esteemed Treasurer Lim Yoke Kim, the maths whizz 
chalked up the figure accurately in a jiffy.
Oh yes!  There was this hilarious moment when Goh Moi asked Cikgu Baharuddin
 if he was her supersenior.  With his good sense of homour intact, Cikgu replied "Thank Q
 for the compliment!"  See what happens when we do not meet for more 40 years!
Our next major Kirkby event will be in September, when we celebrate the blessed 80th
birthday of our dear Cikgu Baharuddin.  I will provide you all with details later.
Till we meet again, God bless you all and let's keep fanning the Kirkby flame.
Fondest regards,