My Dear Kirkbyites,

Today I received an email from Tang Fook Wah informing me of the sad demise of our fellow Kirkbyite from the 1958-1959 batch.

Ong Kee Jin passed on yesterday at about midnight, wrote Fook Wah.

Kee Jin was from Block 8. He was well built with strong facial features. His option was P.E. and he used to be good in performing the back-flip.

His favourite suit used to be a grey one. He walked with a ponderous gait with a smile lighting up his face.

He taught in Cochrane School on his return from Kirkby. Choong Cheng Swee was also posted to this school on his return..

I last met him in 2005 when I went back to UK on a sentimental trip with my family. Fook Wah picked us up at the airport. After dinner he took us to visit Kee Jin that night. We had a pleasant meet up. Kee Jin had not changed much. I gave him a copy of the Penang 2004 Reunion Souvenir Magazine which made him very happy.

I understand that the last two/three years he has not been in good health. I believe that his last trip was in 2009 and he attended the 50th Anniversary of his batch organised by Balasubramaniam in August 2009.

Im told that Kee Jin, Robert Ooi, Chee Eng, Peng Yoong and others made a trip to Ipoh and met up with Phee Eng and Yeong Kok Onn.

I tried to call his wife twice tonight but on both occasions my call was not answered.

He leaves behind his wife, Winnie Ong who can be reached at:

0044 020 888 936 41.

Or you can write to her at:

76 Station Road, Wood Green, London N22, UK.

Im grateful to Fook Wah for giving us these details.

May his soul rest in peace.

With very warm regards,


Fook Wahs email to me for your information:

Dear Rama,


It is with sadness that I have to convey this news.


Ong Kee Jin passed on  yesterday at about mid-night. He was your senior and often referred to as 'Buddy' by his friends.  His wife Winnie Ong can be contacted on this number +44 02088893641 and the Home addressis :- 76 Station Road, Wood Green, London N22, UK.


Kindly inform the rest of his batch.


Many thanks.


Warmest regards.