My Dear Kirkbyites,


It is with much regret that I report the passing of M Pasupathy around 12.45 p.m today 2 February 2008. This sad news was conveyed to me around 3.00 p.m. by T Balasubramaniam who was his college and Block mate from the same 1958/59 Kirkby batch.


Pasupathy was from Block 11. He used to move in the company of Bala, Nadarajah (blond hair) and Rashid.


You can see them together with Peggy and one more lady - whose name Im not able to recall at this moment - on page 32 of the Penang Kirkby Reunion Souvenir Magazine in 2004. This picture appears on the left hand corner at the bottom of the magazine. Pasupathy is standing on the left sporting a goatee.


I have never met Pasupathy after college days. In fact I was not able to locate him until 2004 after our Reunion. On 20 July 2004 Nadarajah (black hair) took me to Vimalas place from whom I got the address and contact number of Pasupathy. Subsequently I sent a copy of the magazine to Pasupathy and spoke to him over the phone. That was the only contact I had of him.


Im told that he was very much into tuition and according to Bala many generations of students have gone through him. I understand he was a very good Maths tuition teacher.


Pasupathy was very involved in religious activities and used to sing Tevaram at funeral functions which is part of the Hindu funeral rite.


I spoke to Mrs Pasupathy and I was told that he died of cancer. Apparently he was diagnosed with cancer in January 2007 and underwent treatment until April. He had responded well. From April until September he was okay but then there was a relapse in October. On 21 October he had a fall from then onwards it was a trying time for the family. He was diabetic and there were complications resulting in the amputation of his left hand.


The funeral will start from his residence on tomorrow (Sunday, 3 February 2008).


For those wishing to convey your condolences, the particulars are s follows:


8 Jalan 11/8

46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03 7956 6582


May he rest in peace.


With very warm regards,





With very warm regards,