E-mail from Rama, 5August 2008




My Dear Kirkbyites,


This morning I received phone calls from Teresa Voon, Mary Siow and Lean Aing – one after the other – conveying the sad news regarding the demise of our fellow Kirkbyite, Angelo Wong.


His obituary appears in today’s Star on page N55. It is reported that Wong Ho Wing @ Ivan Wong passed away on 4 August 2008, i.e. yesterday which was Monday.


According to his second son, Brian Wong, Angelo must have suffered a heart attack and must have passed away during his sleep. They found him lifeless in the morning.


After retirement, I’m told that Angelo was giving tuition which kept him occupied. Two years ago, he started a school for the under-privileged kids in Kuala Lumpur and was immersed in this noble undertaking.


Angelo was from Block 11. He and Wong Hung Ling used to put up those fantastic Chinese Opera shows for Kirkby functions.  Those of you who still hang on to the Panduan would find Angelo perpetuated on page 12 in a classical pose with Chin Shook Yin. Both featured in The Mandrin Cowherd in connection with the Malayan Medley 1960.


Kam Moon tells me that Angelo was from Seremban but according to the Panduan, his address was: 400 Huddington Avenue, Braddelheight, Singapore 19, Malaya.


I only met Angelo once sometime in the 80s during a teachers co-operative in KL. After that there was no news of him as far as I was concerned. And I spoke to him once after the Big Reunion at Concord Hotel in 2001. Someone gave me his address and I posted my speech that I wasn’t allowed to deliver at this Reunion, entitled What Kirkby Means To Me. He called to thank me.


I understand that he had been dropping by now and then when certain gatherings were organized to take photographs and after that he used to disappear. He was never part of the gathering participating in the event – only a visitor accompanied by a photographer.


Angelo is survived by his wife and two sons, one of whom is married while the son’s wedding is pending.


The funeral service is scheduled to be held at St Xavier Francis Church (Paul Miki Room), Jalan Gasing, P.J. at 10.30 am followed by burial at Subang Lutheran Garden, Subang Permai, Shah Alam.


Those wishing to get in touch with the family, may find the following information useful:


Madam Tan Yoke Seng – wife

Gerald Wong – son

Brian Wong – 2nd son


515 Jalan B 11

Taman Melawati

53100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 4107 4719


Brian Wong: 012 233 8200



As I said at the Malacca Reunion, our number is certainly diminishing!


With warm regards,