My Dear Kirkbyites,




It is another sad news soon after the 2006 Kirkby Reunion. On the day of the Reunion a Kirkbyite unfortunately passed away. It was Fatimah Deen of the 1958/59 Kirkby batch. Following this, yet another member from the same batch had passed on.


Huang Soon Ngak passed away on 26 July 2006. This was announced in the Star on page 55. The funeral took place this morning. I called Huang’s home yesterday to convey my condolences but every time the phone got cut off. Huang - that’s how I had always referred to him – leaves behind his wife, Mdm Ong Chu Luan, three married daughters and two grand daughters to mourn his death. Kirkbyites from the 1959/60 batch would remember Huang as the Treasurer of the Students Council in 1959. The image of Huang of Kirkby days that lingers in my memory is this picture of him standing at the entrance of the Recreation Hall with his hands on his hips. He stood out as a striking and handsome figure, commanding respect. He was always well dressed with the college muffler streaming down from his neck.


I met him once after returning from Kirkby. He was then staying in Boundry Road in Penang. At that time, I think, he was teaching in Kelantan and had come home for the holidays. The next time I met him was at the 50th Kirkby Reunion in 2001 at the Concord Hotel in KL. We managed to have a little chat.


At the recent 2006 Reunion I enquired of him from Vincent Yoong and I was told that his health was worrying and was of concern for the family. When I asked for Huang’s contact number, Vincent kindly told me that the address book that was given out at the 50th Anniversary contained his particulars.


On returning from the Perak Reunion, I called Huang last week and fortunately managed to speak to him. He remembered me and I told him to be brave and leave the rest in the hands of God. He sounded positive. I’m glad that I spoke to him. Adeline informed me that she, Amy, Soo Itt and Wee Hee turned up for the wake to pay their last respects. It was a wonderful gesture on their part reflecting the Kirkby spirit and a sense of camaraderie. Adeline also informed me that Vincent Yoong delivered a good eulogy. We hope that Vincent will share this with us.


Cheah Lean Aing observed, “It’s truly sad whenever one of us departs. It reminds us that all of us are reaching the end of the journey.”


Indeed that’s true. At this point in our lives, it is a sad fact that our yesterdays are many and our tomorrows sadly must be few few.


Those of you who are in touch with Kirkbyites from the 57/58, 58/59 and 59/60 batches please pass on this news to fellow Kirkbyites. And for those wanting to get in touch with the family, I append below the necessary information:

78 Taman Desa Maju, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur. 

Tel: 03-79814533.

May his soul rest in peace.


With very warm regards,


28 July 2006