e-mail received from Rama about the passing away of Boey Pick Yee's husband Kon Wai in February 2007
Dear Kirkbyites, 
Those of you from the 1959-60 & 1960-61 Kirkby batches will recall Boey Pick Yee from the 1960-61 batch. 
Pick Yee, Joyce Lim and Poh Yuk were from the Bukit Bintang Girls School and all three of them went to 
Kirkby together.
Pick Yee, if you remember, was tall and bespectacled. She was from Block 10 and Bella Ho was 
the Block Representative.
Sadly, her husband passed away sometime in February 2007. He has been ailing for some time
and was on dialysis all this while. He used to be a very friendly and jovial person. Poh Yuk
and I had visited them in the '80s and had stayed with them. Pick Yee and Kon Wai had been
very generous hosts during our stay with them. Her son, David, accompanied us to show us
around when we visited the Sentosa Island.
Pick Yee followed a course in the Education of the Deaf a few years after returning from
Kirkby and was involved in this area before she shifted to Singapore. Kon Wai was with a
petroleum company, (I think it was Esso ?) and was stationed in Port Dickson for a number of
years. Shan from PD used to be in touch with them regularly when Kon Wai was working there.
It is always a very sad but an inevitable part of our life when the other spouse passes
on. Nobody can feel the loss or suffer the pain as much as the person so directly involved
in this tragedy. Only Pick Yee knows what it means to carry on with life without someone who
was so much part of her life these many years.
Poh Yuk and I spoke to her last week. She sounded okay and came across as strong and well
in control of her present situation.
Luckily she has her grandchildren to occupy her time. She provides transport for them to 
and from school. 
She is usually contactable from 5.00 p.m. onwards. For those of you who may want to drop
her a note or call her to convey your sympathies personally, may find this information useful:
  245 Balestier Road
  Singapore 329929
  Tel: 02 62560224;  +65 98492954
Take care and keep well.
With very warm regards,