Dear Sau San/Prof Lee Sing


We have lost another Kirkbyite.  Mahmud Hassan (1955-57) passed away at the Sg Buluh hospital on Friday night 18 January 2008.  May his soul rest in peace.


I promised to bring a computer  technician to his home on Sunday 20th   to install a DVD burner and a few software programmes.  He was looking forward to the visit.  Well, man proposes God disposes.   I have lost a good friend.  Mahmud was my SA when I was HM of Sekolah Abdullah Munshi in Penang.  Grateful if you could make a short entry in the "in memoriam" section of the website.   Many thanks.


Zainal Arshad


PS: I attach a picture of the late Mahmud taken at his "retreat" in Kuang.          photo