Extracted from Rama's e-mail


From: P Ramakrishnan

Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 1:08 AM

Subject: RIP: MAIMOONAH BT HASHIM - KIRKBY 1959 - 1960


      Today at 2.30 pm Theresa Voon called me and conveyed the sad news that Maimoonah had passed away. According to Azian, Maimoonah passed away on Tuesday, 10 June 2008 in Kuala Lumpur from colon cancer. The funeral took place on the same day.


          Tonight I called her number at Damansara Heights but it is no longer in use. I tried her number at Janda Baik but there was no answer. I wanted to find out the contact number of her husband or children so that we could convey our condolences to Maimoonah's family.


           I'm sorry that at the moment I don't have any contact numbers but if I come across any useful contacts I shall get in touch with all of you.


            Maimoonah was a very pretty and attractive person in college. I remember her as a quiet person with a friendly smile. If I'm not mistaken she was from Block 10. It is a pity that I never met her after college days. Apparently Azian and Samsiah were in touch with Maimoonah. Azian also had Maimoonah over for meals at her place occasionally.


      Death is inevitable for all of us. As we get on in age, we have to say farewell to our friends at different times and on a regular basis especially in the last few years. And these farewells will continue to be part of our history and memory until the last Kirkbyite parts from this earth.


      It is for this reason, if not for any other, that we should meet up as and when we can. I hope that those of you who have not signed up for the Malacca Reunion will have a change of heart and join us.


      With very warm regards,