My dear Kirkbyites,

This morning Arumugam – Ah Bee’s hubby – called to inform
that Angeline had called Ah Bee around mid-night to inform that Michael was
suddenly taken ill and lost consciousness. He was rushed to the hospital and
was put on life support apparatus. His condition was very, very critical and
that there was hardly any hope of survival.

Immediately I sent Angeline some words of comfort vide sms.
Around 8 pm Lee Chang called to convey the tragic news that
Michael had passed away. He was informed by Mimi Foo.
There was no prior indication of aneurism. It was all too
sudden and greatly shocking.

For those who are not able to recall Angeline and Michael, please
refer to the souvenir magazine that that was published during the Penang
Reunion in 2004. On page 20 you can see Angeline and on page 23 you can find

They have attended all our Reunions without fail. In fact,
they had registered for the forthcoming Penang Reunion in July. Not only that,
they had also very kindly donated to the Reunion Fund. He just failed to make
the Reunion by two months.
I always remember them as the dancing couple. They used to
take to the floor and dance their hearts out. Michael was also known for his

We will miss Michael terribly, especially in July when we
were all looking forward to meeting Michael and Angeline.
We pray that Angeline will find the strength, with God’s
blessing, to go through this ordeal. This is life – we all have to go through
this heart-ache when the time of calling arrives for us.

Those wishing to contact Angeline, may find the following
information supplied by Michael recently for the Reunion helpful:

9 Stoneybrook Drive,
Paradise 5075
South Australia
Tel: 818-8336 5614/014 7866 514
With very warm regards,

This was circulated by Mimi Foo. I’m forwarding this for
those who were not in Mimi’s loop.

Thu, May
6, 2010 8:42:51 PM
Michael Loh Cheng Hai
Our dear Kirkby friends,

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you all of the passing of our
dear friend Michael Loh Cheng Hai.

This evening we were informed by Kee Lee Chang that Michael had an aneurism yesterday and was on life-support in Adelaide hospital. We rang Angeline just now
and was told the shocking news that Michael had passed away.  He was
pronounced dead at around noon today 6th May.

We have yet again lost another dear Kirkbyite who had been at all our reunions,
best remembered for his cheerfulness, friendliness and his singing. We treasure
our friendship with him and gratefully keep all the happy moments we are fortunate to have shared with him. We feel keenly this loss, having stayed with him and Angeline in Adelaide and entertained them when they were in Sydney.

Michael and Jim were teaching colleagues at SMI Ipoh. His absence will be
keenly felt at the forth-coming Reunion in Penang.

Let us pray for the repose of Michael's soul and for God's comfort and love to
Angeline, his children and grand children and his extended family.

Rest in Peace, Michael.

Mimi & Jim

Angeline's house telephone number is (08)8336 5615 and her mobile is 0417
866 514.
God bless her.