Subject: R.I.P. NG SAU NAM, KIRKBY 1959-1960

My dear Kirkbyites,
It is with sorrow that I announce the demise of our late Kirkbyite, Ng Sau Nam,
from the 1959-1960 batch. Sau Nam passed away in his sleep on Sunday, 7 November
and his funeral took place on Wednesday, 9 November 2008.
Sau Nam was known as Uncle, and that nickname stuck with him  forever. He was
from Block 8 in college and his room was two doors away from mine. We belonged
to the same academic group.
Why he was referred to as “Uncle” I never managed to find out but, like the rest
of others, I recognised who “Uncle” was though I never personally referred to
him as “Uncle”. He was always Sau Nam to me.
He was tall and thin with a little hunch. He had a long and narrow face and he
was bespectacled and was normally seen in his brown suit.
I had never met him or his wife, Chan Yoke Ngoh, after college. Yoke Ngoh was
automatically referred to as “Auntie” as she was married to “Uncle”. That made
It was only recently, some four years ago, that I managed to get his address –
can’t remember from whom. I was given his Ipoh address but when I called him, I
was told that he had shifted to Kuala Lumpur. When I called his KL number, I was
told that he spends his time between his home and his son’s place.
A few attempts to connect with him failed. On one occasion, earlier in the year,
when I called him around 9.00 pm, I was informed that he had gone to bed at 8.30

I called again unsuccessfully with regard to our 50th Anniversary. He returned
my call but I was not in the office.
Finally, I was fortunate to speak to him a few weeks ago. I very much wanted him
to attend the Anniversary gathering to catch up with old friends. But he sounded
weak. He told me, “Rama, I’m sick.” And I asked him what was wrong with him and
he replied, “Cancer”.
But we hoped to see him at the Anniversary celebration. His wife, Yoke Ngoh was
very positive about attending this function.
Now, both of them will not be attending the Anniversary get together.
Those of you who may want to call Yoke Ngoh, can do so at this number:
03-7722 1869  or you can correspond with her at this address:
7 BU 10/5. Bandar Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
May his soul rest in peace!

With very warm regards,