2008 Kirkby Reunion, Malacca


Chairman:          Lye Yuen Chew

Tel:                      65-65356009    65-96694675       e-mail:      LYC@ComLaw.com.sg

Address:             168, Loyang Rise

                             Singapore 507433


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Final Statement of Accounts    posted 23.08.2008                       Final List of Donors    posted 23.08.2008

Appreciation and thanks 19.07.2008    Reunion Photo Gallery 20.07.2008   Reunion Group Photo   07.09.2008                              An Occasion to Remember  23.07.2008     Rama’s Speech            Impressions of 2008 Kirkby Reunion  29.08.2008


List of Participants   04.07.2008

Program   posted: 27.06.2008


Third Organising Committee Meeting: Kirkby Reunion Melaka 2008 Update/Information    12.05.2008


First Organising Committee Meeting- Information  from Secretary/Deputy Chair Lee Lam Hua      lamhua369@gmail.com

Message from Lim Yoke Kim           Photo of Malacca Meeting, 8-10 March 2007:    Photo 1    


Second Organising Committee Meeting 19 July 2007 Kuala Lumpur

New appointments:   Treasurer: Yoong Chiew Hing  mailto:yoongchewhing@gmail.com   Asst Treasurer: Cynthia Lim  clmk33@yahoo.com


Passing the baton: from KR2006 to KR2008