e-mail from Christopher Walters 4 June 2005


Dear All

I have been reading with fascination the recent Kirkby
correspondence on the web site, to which I was
introduced by Frank Moorhead.

My father, Alec Walters, was a maths lecturer at
Kirkby from 1952-56 and, with our mother Miriam, lived
on campus. My brother Godfrey and I experienced a most
wonderful four years which certainly left a lasting
impression on my subsequent life and career. Apart
from times spent with students on campus or on walking
trips to the Lake District, Wales or Scotland, I well
remember playing extensively with the Moorhead and
Izhab children and regularly cycling the circuit of
the college, dodging students and without once
touching our handle bars!
Sadly both my parents died in 1986, but Godfrey
(Exeter University Civil Engineering Dept) has made
several work-related visits to Malaysia in the past
and I still visit regularly in my capacity as a water
engineer. (Indeed, I am due out again in a few weeks'

We keep in regular touch with several of the
1951/52/53 intake and my wife Ann and I have attended
a few of the more recent celebratory Kirkby reunions
in Kuala Lumpur.

Also, as some of you will know, a group of us is
hoping to produce a definitive book on Kirkby before
everyone's memories and photos have faded! However,
the matter of finding sufficient initial funding for
the production of a limited edition, high quality book
is currently holding us up and any ideas or offers
would be much appreciated. The group has already
prepared a draft outline for the book and an estimated
budget, but we need some firm funding before
committing to the next step, namely the production of
a first full draft of the text. I am working on this
here in the UK, but have not yet got any firm results.

This also raises another related issue, namely what to
do eventually with several of my parents' albums of
splendid photos and other memorabilia from the 1952-56
period, including many college magazines and other
documents such as each year's official college photo.
Is there anywhere where all such documents can be
eventually consigned for a safe future in a permanent
reference archive?

I look forward to hearing from any of you who knew my
parents or Godfrey and me at Kirkby, especially those
with whom we have lost contact over the past 50+

With best wishes
Christopher Walters