Hello everyone - I read with much delight of the naming of the new
hall of residence - although not a student at Kirkby, my sister and
I  - like the older Moorhead children - spent many happy years
living on campus.

I was only a year old when we moved to Kirkby and almost 10 when we
left - my father was Bill Livesey-Jones (W.L.Jones) lecturer in

We still have so many photos and magazines in our possession - I am
hoping that John Pillai will get back in touch soon as I am sure he
would find the material my father kept would be of use in keeping a
memory of the College alive.

Today I actually came across the Special Farewell Magazine called
SELAMAT TINGGAL and read with great nostalgia and affection articles
by Mr. (Sandy) Walker, Mr Joe Kennedy and Mr Gurney. My father was
one to hold on to things he thought precious - and college
magazines, pictures, greeting cards and even special event dinner
menus and Blue Funnel itineraries are still in the house filed and
in pristine cindition - thanks for that, dad!!

He passed away 16 years ago, but how delighted he would be to see
the Kirkby spirit so alive and well and to know that I have been in
touch with some of his old students.

With love to all 'our' students
Helen Livesey-Jones, her mother and sister, Frances.