5 May Gathering & information about 2 June Gathering

(from e-mail by Lim Yoke Kim)


I am writing this without first reading my email so there could be a repetition of what is said by others.

The gathering on 5 May, when Fook Wah came a-calling, was held at the Executive Dining Lounge in PJ New Town.  All of us had a good time catching up and saying goodbye at about midnight was a long drawn affair.

Photos:       1       2       3       4       5       6       7      

The following were present:


Kam Moon


Martin Spykerman and wife, Amy

Yoong Chiew Hing (whom many of us had not met for 44 years)

Adeline Louis

Chia Soo Itt

Lim Wee Hee and husband, Yoong Yan Pin

Lim Yoke Kim

Peter Lee

Lee Kang Hai

Choong Loo Kong

Robert Teoh

Cynthia Lim

Mary Siow

Theresa Chong (Tess) and husband, Martin Voon

Joyce Lim

Joyce Ching and husband, Shee Toong Shiong (1960/61 Brinsfordian)

Victor Wong and wife

Wong Heng

Nadarajah (who has returned from Hong Kong and is now with the NSTP,  KL

Cheah Phee Eng (who came direct from Genting Highlands) to join in the fun.

Lye Yuen Chew (who came from Singapore.  Being the boss has a lot of privileges)

Ahmad Sobri (who is now very busy playing golf)


Andrew Chin (A very relaxed grandfather and kept busy looking after a baby grand-daughter)


Marguerita (who managed to tear herself from her grandchildren and whom many of us were meeting for the first time after 44 years)

Goh Moi

Chan Leng Siok

Perthapal Singh (can speak Mandarin - Ni Haow! - now, having spent a year in Beijing)

Tang Fook Wah (all the way from London and just returned from China)


We must thank Cynthia and Mary for all the hard work (and expense) they put in to organise the function - a lot of phone calls, email messages, sms messages, etc.)  It was especially difficult since the Lounge needed to know the exact number attending in order to prepare enough food.  The organisers also tried their best to keep prices down. 


Special thanks to Lee Kang Hai who brought along his delicious home-made chendol, Melaka special muruku and nonya kuih.  Everyone enjoyed these specialties before dinner was served at 8.30 p.m.


During the function, Cheah Phee Eng briefed  us about the 2006 Reunion.  All of us are eagerly looking forward to it but we  have to wait for him to finalise his programme  and inform us.


Next Kirkby Gathering - 2 June

The next Kirkby Gathering is on 2 June when Mimi Foo and husband, Jim, will be in town on the way to Ipoh. This was announced and at least 20 of us present indicated they will attend.  Those who were there were asked to inform others about the event.  We hope that others who read this will try to attend.

Tentatively the event will be held at

Date:                   2 June

Day:           Thursday night

Venue.       At the Cafe Utara, Armada Hotel, PJ

                   It will be a buffet dinner.

Cost:          The organisers will try their best to negotiate with the Hotel to offer us a discount.  (Normally, there is a discount for senior citizens during weekends but this coming event is held on a Thursday night)



Those who are in KL/PJ on this date or who intend to be here and want to meet up for fun and camaraderie can call (or sms) the following.  Since the event is held at a hotel, there will be other diners present.  Therefore, we need to know the number attending so that we can book the place and tables for ourselves:

Tess           016 - 3129164;  016 - 2588894; 03 - 77818917

Cynthia:    012 - 2865572

Mary:        016 - 6778203

LYKim      017 -3851720