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A trip down memory lane- Recollections of Kirkbyite Michael Shum (Kirkby 1959/60) 08.02.2009


The Guides Club and Foxlease Training Camp- Low Sau San (Kirkby 1960-61) 27.09.2008


An Occasion to remember- Wan Chwee Seng (Kirkby 1959-60) 23.07.2008


Kirkby Reunion Group Photo- 10.07.2008


Unearthing priceless moments- in Star online, 7.9.2007


He was there when Tunku said it- with link to NST online 15.4.2007


Opening of Kirkby Gallery 8.8.2007


The Halcyon Days- Chiam Tah Wen (Kirkby 1954-56 & 1962)  30.06.2006


Kirkby’s Nostalgic Home Coming- Chan Bing Fai (Kirkby 1952-1954)


To Cikgu with love  New Straits Times 16.9.2005


Kampung Kirkby first to hear of Merdeka date- in the Star online 31.08.2005


Close to their hearts- in the Star online 28.8.2005


Yes, sir, I'm from Kirkby- in StarEducation 28.8.2005


KIRKBY ALUMNI: A tribute to Kirkby College, New Straits Times 17.7.2005 online 29.7.2005


Long live Kirkby- Marie Lim in the Star online 19.6.2005


The Kirkby Name Lives on- Star online, 29.5.2005


Photo Shoot for TV- Chiam Tah Wen (with YouTube link to MAS clip Merdeka announcement)


Sweet memories of Kirkby-Chiam Tah Wen,  in conjunction with  Kirkby College Class of 1954 Reunion on March 8 2003,  Star on 6.4.2003

Lessons Learnt at Kirkby- Chiam Tah Wen, Sunday Star on 23.09.2001

Memories of Kirkby- Zainal Arshad (54/56), in Kirkby Times online

Reminiscing Kirkby Days- Chong Ah Teng (59-60)

Nation-makers without a peer

Excerpts from history




London. Here I come!- Chan Bing Fai (Kirkby 1952-1954)


Story about Brooklyn Bridge and Kirkby- Chiam Tah Wen (54-56)

First Six Reunions- Dato Sidek Elamdin


Kirkbyite Memories   More Memories (1952-54)   more memories (1960-61)

Special Greetings          53-55 class  

Class Photo (1954-56)   Tutorial Group (1954-56) with Mr Kennedy Mr Lunts Tutorial Class

College Photos from Zainal Abidin Mohamed (56-58))

Class 1959-60   1959 Bangkok Stopover  1959 Stopover Central Europe Tour 1960

Class 1960-61  College Treasures     

Rediscovering the Malaysian Connection

Helen Livesey-Jones, daughter of Bill Livesey-Jones (W.L.Jones) MTTC Kirkby Lecturer in Geography

Francis Kennedy, son of Joe Kennedy, History Lecturer    

 Christopher Walters, son of Alec Walters, Mathematics Lecturer                                                               

Professor Kenneth Joshua Fielding (English Literature Lecturer 1954-57)