It is heartening to note that the recent naming of a lecture hall in a teacher-training college in Bukit Mertajam ( not Kulim) has generated so much reaction from ex-Kirkby students. I write because I was actually there at the opening ceremony officiated by Her Royal Highness Tuanku Bainun.     

Seven of us from Penang were invited, namely, Datuk Haji Sidek Elamdin, Datuk Saleena (Lee Kooi Jong), Khoo-Yeoh Gan Hong - all from the first batch(1951) and  Paravathy, Tan Beng Theam, Lee Kheng Yew and yours truly, Marie Lim- from the second batch (1952). We were treated as VIP's - sat  in the first row of seats and had lunch with her Royal Highness Tuanku Bainun.

After the official lauching, a visit of the lecture hall was conducted. All around the walls of the hall were photos of our old college. 

Encik Daud Mohamed Saman, the Deputy Director of the college, had also taken the trouble to collect a number of albums all packed with Kirkby photos.

As she viewed the photos Her Royal Highness recalled nostalgically the names many students, lecturers, kitchen staff, sick bay and so on. But she remembers most vividly Block 10 where she had spent 2 happy years.                    

Marie Lim