Here are some pictures of friends who visited us recently. We had a great time with them at Yuen Chew's club - Singapore Swimming Club at Tanjung Rhu.
24 July '08 : Sau San (Melbourne),  Johnny Khoo (Toronto) and John Koo (Sydney)
06 August '08: Mimi Foo & Jim Lee (Sydney), Angeline Ong & Peng Yoon
The group would like to thank our friends for making the effort to be with us.

Bon voyage!

Lee LH


(L to R)    Seated:    Sau San, Maggie, Brigid, Pik Yee, Hung Ling, Marina

                Standing: Danny, Lam Hua, Yuen Chew, John Koo, Johnny Khoo                                photo

(Clockwise): Hung Ling, Pik Yee, Brigid, Danny, Yuen Chew, Jim, Mimi, Maggie, Peng Yoon, Angeline, Marina      photo