KLC-FINGERNAILING GOOD! (as in KFC.) also see below: LYCs response


Dear Kirkbyite friends,


I wish to share with you an experience I'll always remember during our recent 2006 reunion.


We were then in Pangkor Island and given the choice to either tour Pulau Pangkor itself or go 'Island Hopping', whatever that meant. It simply meant taking a smaller but very fast motorboat to see some smaller islands near Pulau Pangkor.


Having no experience in this sort of thing, Beng Hong, Soo See Medcalf and I opted to sit at the bow of the boat. We soon found that we had made the wrong choice.


The sea was so rough and the boat was going at such a great speed that it was tossing up and down and listing to the right and left.


In a sense, Beng Hong was smart enough to sit between me and Soo See. When the boat was listing to the right, she would hold on to Soo See's left arm, and when it was swaying to the left, she would cling on to my right arm. All along, I was hanging on to the railing for dear life.


We were all sprayed by innumerable tsunami waves. Then only did we realise why at the beginning we were given towels anyway despite our telling the boatman we were not going swimming.


However, we must give credit where credit is due. You see, Soo See, brave soul, was the only one among the three of us who was not scared. In fact, as the boat was tossing up an down, she was happily swinging one arm and singing the theme song of 'Hawaii Five-O' ; 'Da da da da da da, da da da da da...'!


Why? The reason was that her specs were most of the time covered with the spray, so she couldn't have seen anything dangerous, including the tsunami waves coming at us!


Now, if she had wipers on her specs, I think she might have sung a different tune - like Nat King Cole's 'Answer me, oh my Lord...'.

Soon we came to calmer waters as our boat beached on one of the islands. Another boat also came to the island so that Sau San and Lee Sing could visit their fishy relatives underwater. And if I'm not mistaken they took along Nellie Lau as their guest.


Now all this while when Beng Hong was digging her fingernails into my poor arm, I didn't know a very good friend of mine was actually watching us at a distance from the other boat. When we were resting on the beach, Phee Eng came behind me and whispered into my ear, "Hoi, Lee Chang, want to exchange places ah?" I told him to get lost in the forest of the island and find Bigfoot.


The trip back to Pulau Pangkor was no different : Beng Hong was still holding on to my arm and I was also still grasping the railing for dear life. Of course, Soo See was still in high spirits and going 'Da da da da da da, da da da da da...'


All in all it was quite fun and exhilarating to say the least. But seriously, I'm still wondering how many times Beng Hong was praying during that trip. 


Well, have a nice day, and due apologies to Beng Hong and Soo See.





Kee Lee Chang


Hi Lee Chang,


Thank you very much for sharing your hair-raising and yet hilarious experience re your Pangkor Island-Hopping escapade. Beng Hong was smart indeed but if you were smarter, you would have "arranged" to sit between Soo See and Beng Hong - but then you would have fingernails digging in both your left and right arms!!

Originally, I was supposed to go on the Island-Hopping ride but fortunately I switched to the Land Tour at the last minute (based on Insider information!). However, I am still the loser cos I missed all the fingernailing!! Maybe at the Malacca Reunion 2008, I will try to be smarter!

Cheers to All


Lye Yuen Chew