Hello everyone!
Bill Livesey-Jones's daughter, Helen, here after a long break due to reformat of PC, change of server and spending time helping to find a new home for my mum.


My mum - who will be 85 this year - has now had to go into a nursing home for people who have dementia. This has meant that my sister Fran and I have cleared the house in order to rent it out for her.


In so doing I have come into possession of all of dad's treasures which include a lot of things from Kirkby.


I haven't been through it all as yet, but there are many photos, copies of the Magazine - including the last one produced - momentos of Blue Funnel trips - even menus! I have some programmes of student plays with all the cast, some college year/department pictures...I don't know what all together. He even kept many Christmas cards and postcards sent to us by you......


Eventually I will have time to go through it all but has anyone got any further with the idea for a book? In all he has kept there may be research material that would be useful. At the very least there are souvenirs, which I know some would love to see/have.


Please could you offer advice/ideas on what I should look for in all this and what I might do with it??


I will post this on the other Kirkby sites too.


Much love to you all from my sister and me.
Helen xxxxxx